Get A Genuine Retail Copy Of Windows 10 Pro For Only £39.99

Windows 10 Pro is the most capable operating system Microsoft has ever made, although its high price is usually the biggest barrier to upgrading. 

That\’s no longer an issue as you can get the genuine retail version – the same one that you can buy from Microsoft for £219.99 – for just £39.99 from the Tech Advisor Store. 

Our exclusive deal saves you an incredible 82% on the usual price. This deal is on offer for June only, so don\’t delay if you want to snap up the Pro version of Windows 10 at a bargain price.

This offer is for a full Microsoft-licensed retail version of Windows 10 Pro, and not an OEM version. If you’re already using Windows 10 Home, simply drop in the product key you purchase for the Professional version, and your PC will upgrade accordingly.

It includes an unlimited lifetime licence for one PC. This means it\’s suitable for a clean install on a new PC (in addition to upgrading from another version of Windows) and also that you can reinstall it on or transfer it to a new PC should you change your hardware.

Head to the Tech Advisor Store to buy Windows 10 Pro now. 

Windows 10 pro deal

Why should I upgrade to Windows 10 Pro?

While it looks similar to Windows 10 Home, there are various enhancements which make Windows 10 Pro a worthwhile upgrade. 

If security is a top priority, you\’ll want to make use of Bitlocker, a Pro exclusive. This encrypts your files, ensuring you\’re well protected against data theft.

Developers will also appreciate Hyper-V, a program which allows software to be trialled before it\’s officially rolled out. This also operates as a safe space for testing out early versions of third-party software, where bugs are often more likely. 

Other Pro exclusives include Kiosk mode, where the device can be locked into one application, and the ability to manage users\’ mobile devices en masse. 

Get Windows 10 Pro from the Tech Advisor Store now.

This latest version of Windows 10 Pro will come with all the features of the May 2020 update. Read all about the Windows 10 May 2020 update. 

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