How to Change Screen Brightness in Windows

If your screen is too bright or too dark, then you can adjust this using Windows\’ brightness settings. We show you how to find these controls, and what you should do to get things back to an appropriate level of luminescence.

Where are the brightness controls in Windows?

First, if you\’re using a laptop you should be able to use a key or a combination of keys to adjust the brightness. Look for a sun symbol. If it\’s in a different colour to the main keys, you\’ll probably have to hold down the Fn key as well to adjust the brightness. 

However, if you don\’t have these keys, or they\’re not working, you can adjust brightness in Windows. To reach the advanced display settings you’ll need to use Control Panel rather than the standard Settings app in Windows 10. However, a handy shortcut is to right-click on the Start button (the Windows icon) and choose Power Options. Then click Additional power settings. 

This can also be found by opening the Start menu and typing Control Panel. Select the option that appears at the top of the list, which should be called Control Panel Desktop App.

On the next window, in the search bar you’ll find in the upper right corner, type power and then select Power Options from the main pane.  

how to fix windows 10 brightness control

When you’ve finished with the refinements, click Apply and then OK so that Windows will always follow these guidelines from now on.

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