How to change your password in Windows 10

Keeping your PC and data safe is obviously very important. It’s somewhat bewildering then that many people use the same password on every account, and in the vast majority of cases these cryptic codes are actually anything but.

Research conducted last year showed that some of the most popular passwords in use across the world were 123456, password, and qwerty, none of which would take an enterprising hacker more than about ten seconds to crack.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Changing your user account password in Windows 10 is quick, easy, and could well be the best thing you do for your digital life this year. In this feature we’ll show you how to do it in a couple of minutes, and keep those nasty, pilfering cyber-thieves guessing.

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It\’s also possible to bypass the login screen by removing the need to enter a password, but this is a big security risk.

How to change Windows 10 user password: in brief

  1. Press the Windows key
  2. Select Settings> Accounts> Sign-In Options
  3. Click the Change button in the Password section
  4. Re-enter your password
  5. Create new password

How to change your Windows 10 user account password: in detail

To begin the process you’ll need to open up the Start menu. Do this by pressing the Windows key, then select Settings> Accounts > Sign in options. In the main pane you’ll find a password section with a button marked Change, click this.

change windows 10 password

Click the Add button, enter your Windows password, and then you’ll be able to create a PIN instead, which you can use to login to all of your Windows devices. Here’s a tip though, 123456 isn’t a good choice.

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