How To Connect Your Phone To Windows 10

Windows Phone might now be consigned to the recycle bin of history, but Android and iPhone users can still connect their devices to a Windows 10 PC. Doing so means you can take advantage of extra features such as sending articles you find on the web straight to your laptop. It’s easy to set up and get going in only a few minutes. We show you how.

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Using Settings on your PC

When Windows 10 first launched there was a \’Phone Companion\’ app that was used to connect your smartphone. This is due to be retired very soon, possibly by the time you read this, so instead there’s now a new section in the Settings menu.

To get started, tap the Windows key on your PC, then either type in Settings or click on the little cog icon in the bottom left of the screen.

You should find the Phone option on the top line between Devices and Network & Internet. Click on it to begin.

how to connect your phone to windows 10

Navigate to the page you want to share, then at the bottom of the screen you’ll an icon of a vertical rectangle with an arrow sticking out of its right side. If you can’t see this just scroll the screen up or down a little and it should appear.

Tap on the icon, then your phone will search for any linked PCs nearby. Choose your one from the list, tap its name, then the webpage will automatically open in the Edge browser on your PC.

Using Continue on PC app

If you don’t want to replace your browser with Microsoft Edge, then there is an alternative. Search in the Google Play Store or App Store for the Continue on PC app by Microsoft. Install this, enter your Microsoft account details, then you’ll be able to send web pages from your browser of choice, using the normal Share option.

On iOS you’ll need to scroll to the far right of the Share options until you see the More button. Tap this, scroll down until you find Continue on PC, then toggle it on. Now it will appear in the Share menu automatically whenever it is opened.

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