How To Display Task Manager Widgets On Your Windows Desktop

The Task Manager is a great way to see what’s using up the resources on your PC. You may not be aware but it’s possible to have a small widget that displays the performance data from the Task Manager at all times on your desktop. There’s also a version available from the Xbox Game Bar, so gamers can monitor how their PC is coping with the latest graphically-demanding releases.

We\’ll show you step by step how it\’s done.

How to display the Task Manager widget

Setting up the widget is very simple. Click on the search field in the Windows Start menu and search for Task Manager. Select the top result and you should see Task Manager launch. If you prefer keyboard shortcuts, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc together.

At the top of the window are several tabs, choose Performance to see a live graph of the various demands being made on your system, then click on one of the four options in the left column (CPU, Memory, Disk and WiFi) to decide which data you’ll see on the widget. 

How to display Task Manager widgets on your Windows desktop: Game Bar Widget

When you’ve finished using the Performance window, open the Xbox Game Bar again and click the Pin icon to remove it from the desktop. 

For more ways to get better performance out of your PC, take a look at our guide on how to speed up Windows.

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