How to Downgrade Windows 10: Go Back To A Previous Version

Windows 10 has been around for almost four years now, and all new PCs and laptops (apart from Chromebooks and Apple products) come pre-loaded with the operating system.

Not everyone loves Windows 10, but you reason for reading this might be because a recent update has brought problems that you want to fix by rolling back.

We’ll explain your current options for downgrading Windows 10, and whether or not you can go back to a much older version of Windows such as 7 or 8.1.

Can I go back to a previous version of Windows 10?

Microsoft has built in an option to go back to the last version of Windows 10, which you’ll find in:

Start -> Settings -> Update & Security -> Recovery

However, this is only active for up to 10 days after installing a major Windows update. After this time you’ll see a message explaining why the Get Started button is greyed out.

  How to downgrade Windows 10

Find out more about resetting Windows.

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