How to fix a Stuck Laptop Cursor

The cursor and the PC have gone hand in hand for decades, so when the former stops working it can be incredibly frustrating. 

Unless you have an external mouse on hand, it restricts navigating around your PC to keyboard shortcuts. Having a touchscreen device might help the situation, but avoiding cursor-based navigation is often far from intuitive. 

This is one issue where the classic \’turn it off and on again\’ isn\’t likely to help.  You\’ll instead need to find a way of re-enabling the trackpad, which is annoyingly easy to disable unintentionally.

Most laptops let you do this in some way, whether it\’s using a dedicated button, key combination or through the BIOS. In this article, we\’ll run through these three potential solutions. 

Look for a Touchpad switch on the keyboard

The first thing to do is check for any button on your keyboard which has an icon that looks like a touchpad with a line through it. Press it and see if the cursor starts moving again.

If not, check your row of function keys at the top of the keyboard. Many will have icons so again look for one that could be a trackpad – typically F7, but we’ve also seen laptops that use F5 and F9.

LED on touchpad?

Some HP laptops have an LED in the top-left corner. If yours is lit, it means the touchpad is disabled. Just tap twice on (a quick double-tap) to re-enable the pad.

With the help of these steps, hopefully the problem is now solved. Got problems with your keyboard? Check out our guide on how to fix a laptop keyboard. 

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