How To Fix Airplane Mode That Won\’t Turn Off

Airplane mode (Flight mode in the UK) in Windows 10 is designed – as the name suggests – for use on an aeroplane. It supposedly stops your PC from interfering with the navigational instruments on an airplane.

But it can also be a useful way to silence all of the internet noise that can eat away at your ability to focus. It also disables Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and any LTE connections they device may have, such as you get with a Project Athena laptop.

Should your laptop get stuck in this mode, then it can be a real pain. Here’s how a fix it when Airplane mode won’t switch off.  

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

There’s a good reason that this tech-support mantra exists and was the catchphrase of Roy from The IT Crowd.

In many cases, it really does make problems go away. Windows 10 is a complex piece of software, so it’s not surprising that from time to time things can get a bit confused. A quick reboot can often be the solution, so it’s always worth a go before moving onto more complicated methods.

To do this, either hold down the power button on your PC until you see the option to Restart or press the Windows key, select the Power icon (the circle with a small vertical line at the top), then select Restart.

If things go well, then your PC should return to its connected ways once the reboot is completed.

How to disable Airplane mode in Windows Settings

There are a few ways to either turn off Airplane mode or find a way around it until a permanent fix can be put in place. The first option is to try using the switch in the Windows 10 Action Centre. So, press the Windows key + A to open the menu, then click on Airplane mode to turn it off.  

Another route is to open the Start menu then select Settings > Network & Internet. You’ll see a column on the left-hand side with various options. Choose Flight mode, then use the toggle switch in the main pane to disable the feature.  

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