How to Fix Missing Taskbar Icons in Windows 10


  • >Restart your PC
  • >Check you\’re not in tablet mode
  • >Add script to Command Prompt
  • >Reinstall the taskbar software
  • >Update your device

The taskbar can be thought of like a hub for Windows 10. It\’s the starting point for modifying quick settings, accessing the Start Menu and searching the entire PC. It\’s also where you\’ll find a selection of app icons, offering a convenient and quick way to launch your favourite programs. 

The ease with which this can be customised (simply right-click on any open app and choose \’Pin to taskbar\’) makes it easy to set it up to your liking. 

However, Windows 10 has an annoying recent tendency to hide these apps for no apparent reason. This seemingly sudden change can be extremely frustrating, although there are a number of potential solutions.

Restart your PC

It sounds cliché, but sometimes all your device needs is to be switched off and back on again. If that doesn\’t work, move on to the next solution. 

Check you\’re not in tablet mode

By default, tablet mode removes all the icons from the taskbar, in an attempt to create a more touch-friendly user interface. Simply switching back to desktop mode should fix the issue:

  1. Click the icon in the bottom right that looks like a speech bubble
  2. In the list of quick settings at the bottom, Tablet mode should be highlighted. Click it to return to desktop mode
    Windows 10 reinstall taskbar
  3. Hit Enter and wait for the process to be completed
  4. Restart your PC

Update your device

If none of these solutions are doing the trick, it might be a bug relating to an older version of Windows 10. Head to Settings > Update & Security and check if there are any outstanding updates. 

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If you\’re already running the latest version, it\’s probably worth waiting until an update fixes the problem. Microsoft releases security patches at least once a month, so you probably won\’t be waiting long before any wider issues are addressed. 

For more on the latest feature update, check out our guide to the Windows 10 October 2020 update. 

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