How to Fix Windows 10 Activation Problems

When Windows 10 launched back in 2015 Microsoft made it a free upgrade for millions of users running Windows 7 and 8. The way this worked meant you didn’t get a new product key and this can cause a few issues if you ever need to reinstall Windows 10. 

If you’re having problems activating Windows 10, here are some reasons why that might be and how to go about fixing it.

Is Windows 10 activated?

You can check on the activation status in the Settings app. Click on the Start icon, then the cog to open Settings.

Now to go Update & Security, then Activation. Here’s what you should see when Windows is correctly activated:

How to fix Windows 10 Activation Problems

Just follow the on-screen prompts to type a description “I can’t activate Windows” and then choose from the options available. These should include a live chat as well as a phone number to request a call-back.

The assistant will likely ask for your product key (which you don’t have) or the product key for the old version of Windows that you upgraded from. If you don’t have that, then unfortunately it’s game over, as Microsoft will not activate Windows 10 for you without some proof that you’re entitled to it.

Your only option at that point is to buy a product key. There are ways to buy it cheaper than Microsoft’s official price.

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