How to Get Videos from iPhone to PC

With the latest iPhones and iPads recording video in 4K at 60 frames per second, you can quickly run out of storage space – especially if you\’ve only got 64GB of storage to play with.

Quite apart from the fact that it’s a bad idea not to have a backup of these precious memories, you’ll want to copy those big videos off your iPhone to free up space. Here’s how to get videos from iPhone to PC quickly and easily – and for free. 

Using a Lightning cable

There are literally dozens of Windows apps that let you manage your iPhone’s storage and can transfer photos and videos to and from your PC. But you don’t need any of those, and you certainly don’t need to pay for software.

Heck, you don’t even need iTunes – it’s just as easy as dragging and dropping files from an Android phone or USB flash drive.

All you need is a laptop or PC running Windows, and the USB cable that came with your iPhone or iPad. If you haven\’t got that to hand, you can grab one on Amazon for as little as £6.99.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone / iPad to your PC using the Lightning cable (or 30-pin if you\’re hanging on to your iPhone 4S or earlier).

Step 2. Press Windows key + E to launch a File Explorer window.

Step 3. Wake your iPhone and unlock it. Tap ‘Trust this computer’ if prompted.

Step 4. Click on your iPhone under This PC (or My Computer on earlier versions of Windows).

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