How to install Windows on more than one PC

While there are a few technical exceptions, which we’ll explain below, the plain truth is that Windows can only be installed on one machine. The licence agreement issued by Microsoft is quite clear about this, and when you enter the product key during the installation process Windows locks that copy of the software to that particular PC.

It might seem perfectly reasonable to expect that an item you purchased can be used in ways that you deem fit, but Microsoft doesn’t necessarily see it that way.

But there are options open to those who want to move Windows 10 or even old favourite, Windows 7, to another PC.

Microsoft\’s policy might seem a little harsh, but Windows in a premium product that takes a huge amount of work to create and maintain, all of which costs money: Lots of money. Some might point to Apple, which for several years has given away its OS X operating system for free, but it wouldn\’t be a fair comparison.

Apple is primarily a hardware company that makes its revenue from selling the devices running its software, while Microsoft (for the main part) is a software and services company.

how to install windows on more than one pc


In much the same way as Linux offers a great range of possibilities for general computing on the cheap, Google’s ChromeOS is another excellent choice for those whose needs are simple. Converting an old PC into a Chromebook is easy, free, and we show you how to install ChromeOS on an old laptop.

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