How to separate work and play on Windows 10

If you feel like your work and personal life has blended into one in recent months, you\’re probably not alone. 

With many people working from home at relatively short notice, it\’s highly likely that you\’ll have turned to your personal PC to remain productive.

If you\’ve ended up with family photos next to work documents or a Netflix tab near important emails, you\’ll be glad to know that there are ways to help separate the two on Windows 10. 

The following five methods gradually increase in terms of set-up time, so feel free to stop whenever you think you\’ve done what\’s needed. 

Block distracting websites

Many websites are designed to keep you on the page for as long as possible, so it can be easy to be sucked into and end up wasting hours of your valuable time. As such, we\’d recommend taking proactive steps to prevent yourself from accessing the most distracting ones.

Fortunately, there are some simple tools to help you stay on track. Block Site is a free Chrome extension which lets you block specific sites outright, or schedule work times when you don\’t want them to be accessible. 

If you\’re looking for extra functionality, Freedom can block specific mobile or desktop apps and even the whole internet. Check out plans on the Freedom website. 

Read more in our guide to How to block a website.

Use different browsers

If most of your time is spent on the web, it might be worth trying separate browsers. Windows 10 comes with Edge pre-installed, but is compatible with a wide range of providers, including Chrome, Firefox and even Internet Explorer. 

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