How to shut down Windows 8 the easy way

The first version of Windows 8 was notoriously difficult to shut down if you had a PC or laptop, since it was designed to work with tablets that have a sleep/wake button. Microsoft realised the error of its ways and fixed the problem in a free update. Here\’s how to quickly and easily shut down a Windows 8 PC.

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Shutting down Windows 8: Get the latest updates

If you update, Microsoft has made it considerably easier to shut down, restart or switch users.

In Windows 8.1, you can right-click on the \’Start button\’ on the traditional desktop. This brings up a menu, which is also accessible by pressing Win+X (the Windows key on your keyboard, along with x), where you have the old Shut down or sign out menu.

Windows 8 power button options

Now, instead of using your mouse to shut down your computer, you can quickly press the power button to achieve the same thing. We\’d advise against doing this if you have children likely to press the power button, as you may lose unsaved work (a valuable lesson learned through first-hand experience).

Of course, if you\’re happy to leave your PC in sleep mode, you don\’t need to configure anything at all. Simply get into the habit of pressing your PC\’s power button instead of using any of the methods above to actually shut down your machine. If you have a laptop, you can merely close the lid to put Windows into sleep mode, but using the steps above you can change what that action does, too.

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