How to track a laptop after it\’s been stolen

You can feel like your taking the best possible care of your laptop, but sometimes disaster strikes. If you misplace your device, or worse still it gets stolen, it can feel like the end of the world. 

Your laptop is probably second only to your phone with regard to the personal data you have stored on it. Read what to do if your handset suffers the same fate here.

While its understandable that this would cause a lot of distress, all might not be lost. Both Microsoft and Apple have implemented features in their operating systems which mean you might be reunited with your laptop sooner than you could have expected.

This is by no means a guarantee, but these tips do at least put you in with a fighting chance. 

What should I do if my laptop is stolen?

While some of the ideas below could help you find a missing device, we’d strongly recommend that you involve the police rather than heading off to confront the thief yourself. 

Locations provided by tracking services will be approximate, so you’re unlikely to know which exact door to pound upon. Plus, there’s the fact that the thieves have already proven they’re not exactly adherents to the law, so you can’t be sure of what they’ll do if challenged.

How to use Find My Device in Windows 10

Microsoft introduced the Find My Device feature back in 2015. As the name suggests, it’s a helpful way to track down the approximate location of your laptop.

It’s turned off by default, but if you enabled the feature before your laptop disappeared then you’ll be able to take a quick couple of steps to aid in its recovery.

For those unfamiliar with the service you can read our How to turn on Windows 10’s Find My Device feature guide.

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