How to use File Explorer in Windows 10

Ok it might sound a bit boring but File Explorer is something you\’re bound to use a lot in Windows 10 and if you don\’t, you should. It\’s far more than just a way to find things on your computer so here\’s how to use File Explorer in Windows 10 with our top tips and tricks.

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How to use File Explorer: Open it easily

Now to start using File Explorer you\’re going to need to open it up on your desktop. By default there\’s a shortcut on the task bar but here\’s some other ways of opening it quickly and easily.

Try using the Windows key + E, using Cortana search and the link in the Start menu above Settings.

How to use File Explorer: Quick Access

Quick Access is one of our favourite things in File Explorer. It used to be called favourites and you\’ll find it at the top of the left-hand Navigation panel.

You don\’t need to do anything for it to work as it will automatically populate with handy items. However, you can pin anything to it in the right-click menu if you want. Click on Quick Access to view your frequent folders and recent files.

How to use File Explorer: Preview pane

Under the View tab in File Explorer switch on the Preview pane, especially if you\’re browsing images or videos.

This adds a section on the right where you\’ll get a, well, preview of the file so you can see images in a larger size or even watch a video. You can adjust the size of Preview pane depending on the content or the size of your File Explorer window.

How to use File Explorer: File extensions

Another item in the View tab is very handy so tick and untick the File extensions box as and when you need to.

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This one\’s pretty self-explanatory and will display the file extensions of your files (or not) so you can easily see whether an image is a JPEG or a PNG, for example.

How to use File Explorer: Thumbnail sizes

With so many different files on your PC, it\’s really useful to change how you\’re viewing them in File Explorer depending on what they are. For example, you\’ll probably want to look at images fairly large but documents in a list.

Using the View tab, you can quickly choose between the different options such as List, Details and sizes from Small to Extra Large. In the bottom-right corner you\’ll see options for switching between Details and Large icons on the fly.

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