How to use Windows 10 clipboard history

If you rely on a PC or laptop to stay productive, the copy and paste commands are likely to be an indispensable part of your workflow. 

Duplicating information from one place to another has become a crucial part of the way we interact with modern technology. 

Using Ctrl + C and then Ctrl + V works fine for individual blocks of text on Windows, but what if you\’ve got multiple items that you want to quickly move from one place to another? That\’s where Windows 10\’s clipboard history comes in. 

How to use Windows 10 clipboard history

Clipboard history allows you to copy as many items as you like to a virtual clipboard, allowing you to easily access whichever one you need at any time. 

Pasting in the usual way will still provide the most recent, but hitting Windows Key + V instead will bring up a separate window. 

This may be turned off by default, so simply click \’Turn on\’ to start using.

That\’s it! Now, every time you hit Windows Key + V you\’ll be presented with a list of items you\’ve recently copied. This includes images too, which may save the hassle of saving each to your computer.  

To ever change the option in the future, go to Settings – System and then Clipboard. You might have also noticed that there\’s an option to sync the clipboard across all your Windows 10 devices. 

Once you\’ve verified your identity and activated clipboard history on all your Windows 10 devices, you\’ll be able to copy items on one device and quickly paste them to another. 

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A useful shortcut for pasting individual items

The Windows 10 clipboard history copying and pasting multiple items, but there\’s still a handy shortcut if you\’re copying a single block of text. 

Choosing Ctrl + Shift + V ensures the text you paste adheres to the formatting guidelines of the destination page. In other words, you no longer have to worry about new text being a completely different size or font to the rest of your work. 

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