Windows 10 May 2021 (21H1) Update: Release date & New Features

In the past, Microsoft released a brand new version of Windows every few years. Following that timeline, a successor to Windows 10 would be long overdue – indeed, \’Windows 11\’ continues to be a popular search term. 

However, Microsoft has made it clear that Windows 10 will be the last version of the operating system. That\’s not to say it won\’t be getting new features, though – quite the opposite. In addition to monthly security patches, Windows 10 has received significant updates twice a year since it launched. 

The latest of these, known as the May 2021 update, is now available to download on selected Windows 10 devices. Here\’s everything you need to know. 

Windows 10 21H1 update release date

Microsoft began rolling out the 21H1 update on 18 May 2021, as was revealed in an official blog post. However, that doesn\’t mean most Windows 10 devices can download it yet.

As VP of Windows Servicing and Delivery John Cable goes on to explain, Microsoft is throttling up availability over the next few weeks \’to ensure a reliable download experience for all\’. Some devices may also have a compatibility hold put in place, preventing you from downloading it until the update can be installed without issue.

However, that doesn\’t put a specific timeframe on when you can expect the 21H1 update to be available. Some people were waiting more than six months for the October 2020 update, but that\’s unlikely unless you\’re running older hardware.

If you can\’t wait, there are two ways you can get the 21H1 update right now. Earlier builds are available by signing up to the Windows Insider Program, or you can download Microsoft\’s installation tool to force the update onto your system. However, do be warned, these will be early builds and so likely to come with bugs and other issues. We wouldn\’t recommend installing it on your main PC. 

Will my device get the Windows 10 21H1 update?

The vast majority of Windows 10 devices that were eligible for the 20H2 (October 2020) update will still be compatible with the next feature update. Support may vary between companies though, so it\’s worth checking with the manufacturer of your device if you\’re unsure. 

Checking if the October 2020 update (20H2) is available for your device (it may have been downloaded automatically) is a good indicator that the 21H1 update will also arrive in due course.

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